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Corporate Services

Corporate services are the main services we offer and we are one of Malta’s leading providers of this service. We are licensed as a Corporate Service Provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Indeed, corporate services are one of Malta’s star offerings and the country prides itself in continuing to develop its presence in this field which it has excelled in for well over two decades.

Whatever your corporate service requirements are, we have the know-how: we provide a vast array of corporate services to our corporate clients, including the incorporation of limited liability companies registered under the Companies Act of 1995, and trust formations. We support the services with a fully-fledged corporate department and a robust compliance department that reviews the processes and the requirements to satisfy the registry of companies and other competent authorities. We are also able to provide director and company secretary Services.

Setting up a company

Setting up a company in Malta is a relatively straightforward procedure and this can be done within two working days, provided we have all the information, funds and due diligence documentation we need.

Through our expertise in company law, we are able to assist you in the drawing up of Memoranda and Articles of Association, which will cater for your current and future needs.

Our licensed services include:

(a)   Preparation and submission to The Registry of Companies of the pertinent documentation to set up a commercial partnership including limited liability companies and partnerships;

(b)   Advice and assistance in connection with other corporate issues;

(c)    Advice and assistance to clients in the preparation of the pertinent documentation for setting up of branches of foreign companies in Malta;

(d)   Preparation of the pertinent documentation in relation to the re-domiciliation of foreign companies to Malta;

(e)   Review of all documentation provided.

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